SANKEN COS-11 Lavalier

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SANKEN COS-11 Lavalier

SANKEN has designed the COS-11 series in 1991.
This microphone has been especially suited for the human voice. Hence it’s particularly used for cinema, television and theatrical performances. Its also appreciated for its stunning sound and characteristics
The latest version of  COS-11 (D series) has been improved compared to the previous X series :
- Consolidated cabling
- Compatible with all digital transmitters
- Waterproof and water resistant
- New shades

Considering theses improvements it‘s then especially suitable for rainy weather conditions as well as other user cases where body sweating can be a nuisance for all the other microphones
Thanks to the other possible shades (black, flesh, grey, white), it can match other colour parts of the near environment , for “concealment” purposes
The COS-11DPTN is the non-cabled version (no plug attached).